New Initiatives

 Shodhganga & Sodhgangotri Project

Sodhganga Project was initiated by inflibnet for Ph.D. databases (ETD) which has been awarded by Indian Universities. This Library is continuously participating in this project and 116 ETDs transferred to this project.

Sodhgangotri project was also initiated by INFLIBNET for Indian research in progress on various subject fields which are carried by various Institutions of higher education and research. This library also plans to participate in this project. (Going to start soon)


Competitive Examination resource centre

Central library propose to start a new section with books and periodical, and magazines related to competitive examinations along with various Indian administrative services for the benefit of the SC/ST/OBC and weaker income group students. (Going to start soon)


JU knowledge centre

JU library propose to start a new centre with repository of publication of faculty members and staff. It includes research articles, paper in conference proceedings, project reports, books innovations, patents, etc. (Going to start soon).